It is important to record your time at your health system and Advantis Medical. Make sure to follow your specific health system's timekeeping instructions, including paper timecards, clock in or out, or signature requirements. 

It is essential to follow all state and local labor laws for breaks and lunches.

If you are unsure of your facility's timekeeping rules or your state and local labor laws, reach out to your recruiter or care team immediately, and we'll be able to help.

How do I submit them? 

You will need to submit a screenshot/photo of either a paper timesheet or a digital timesheet:

Paper Timesheets

If your facility uses only paper time cards, you may take a picture or scan it. Please note that some facilities might require your manager's signature. If you cannot get a signature before the Monday deadline, it is okay to submit it unsigned. Once it is signed, please resubmit it. Submit your timesheets to

If you need a paper timecard, we've got your back! Contact your recruiter to get a timecard template.

Digital Timesheets

Please submit your timesheet there if your health system facility or third party only uses digital timekeeping platforms such as Kronos, MyPeopleNet, or others. Your third part or health system facility will submit your timesheet to Advantis Medical. 

If you cannot view your timesheet, please let your care team know, and we'll investigate immediately.