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Access instructions are typically sent to each provider based on their visibility within Greenshades. Once HR has completed the upload process to Greenshades Portal and a sync has been performed, a clinician will be visible in Greenshades – their visibility is a direct indication of their ability to access the system once instructions have been sent.

It starts with three simple steps.

1. Sign-Up  

Creating an account is easy. Fill in your details and click submit. This will generally take one minute (literally!).

2. Create Your Profile  

You'll create a profile with all of your details so recruiters can easily submit your profile to the top healthcare facilities of your choice. The profile will ask for:

  • Professional Summary

  • Specialties

  • Import of Resume/CV

  • Work Experience (if you don’t have a resume)

  • References

  • License(s)

  • Skills Checklist

  • Education

  • Certifications

  • Job Preferences

3. Get Connected with a Recruiter

The moment you sign up, you are assigned a personal recruiter who will connect with you in 24 hours. Your recruiter is your travel companion. Regardless of how many travel nurse jobs you decide to take with Advantis Medical, they will be there with you the entire journey. No more re-introducing yourself and going through multiple recruiters.  

Your recruiter can help answer any questions you may have, help find housing, and get your profile to the top of the pile for travel nurse jobs. If you’re a first-time traveler, don’t hesitate to talk to your recruiter about any questions or concerns.  

Additionally, the customer Care Team is dedicated to addressing your questions and concerns. There will always be someone available to assist you. Advantis Medical is here to help.