Follow the troubleshooting steps outlined below and provide an update if additional assistance is still needed. Please ensure that you are using a desktop or laptop computer before proceeding, as using a mobile device is not recommended.

 Check that the name typed in the text box corresponds to the name above the text box. For instance, if a person's name is Robert Carter and they enter Rob Carter, the W-4 won’t allow the submit button to function.

  1. Verify that your personal information has not been auto-populated. Depending on your browser's settings, your name may auto-fill. This will prevent submission; instead, please manually enter all requested information.

  2. There are also times when extra spaces appear before or after the name. This can be more difficult to detect, but it is easier to detect when we are given a screenshot or photo to confirm.

  3. The box next to "penalties for perjury..." is unchecked.

If the aforementioned steps fail, please provide a screenshot or photo of the form as it appears on your screen. We will need to see the form in its entirety to ensure adequate troubleshooting.

 Please be aware that, as we are not certified tax professionals, we are unable to provide detailed information about the steps required to complete your state or federal withholding forms. To connect with a licensed professional visit: Tax Preparation for Travelers - Travel Tax

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Canada: (902)482-8128